A Level Art Exhibition

Following on from the success of the GCSE Art Exhibition last week, Thursday 18th May was the turn of the A Level students.  This was a chance for them to show the work that they had produced to their friends and family, including their recent examination pieces.

Nathan Leese:

These last two years of Art at St Thomas More has been a challenging time, first through the study of ‘Particular Places’ where my main focus lay in broad scenic landscapes, and expressionist artist inspired architectural painting, while also trying to subtly implement classical influence wherever possible. The second year I found myself being much more focused. My overarching topic of ‘Folded’ was initially a challenging one, as all that came to mind was folding paper (origami) and somehow developing that into something substantially artistic… As always however I found inspiration in the classical world, finding myself exploring the ins and outs of ancient Roman and Greek Statues in a plethora of styles, or more specifically the dramatic and high contrasting deep folds of cloth, situated on those statues.

Joshua Miller:

While I have been at sixth form, I have explored two major projects. The first project was on ‘Particular Places’, which introduced me to new styles and techniques and helped me experiment with media I had not been known to. I looked at memories and the places that portrayed a particular memory triggered by specific objects and building, then looked at techniques that expressed it. Secondly, ‘Isolation’ helped me understand the face in more detail and also gave me insight into how structure and the form of the face can convey more than what you think.  I used this to show the theme of isolation within the pieces I created whether it being still and blank or the shadows being expressive, conveying emotion unseen to normality.

Lydia Clark:

During Sixth Form, I have studied the themes, ‘Self Image’ and ‘Rural Landscape’, allowing me to explore a variation of techniques. For ‘Self Image’, the main theme that I considered was distortion of portraits, and layering using collage techniques, whereas when studying ‘Rural Landscape’ I experimented with colour, illusions and use of physical space. I have therefore developed an understanding of the contrast in portraiture and landscape painting techniques.

Jake McClay:

The last two years have been challenging, yet very rewarding. Analysis of a wide variety of artists throughout topics such as ‘Isolation’ and ‘Self Image’ has given me an insight into a range of different techniques to be incorporated into my own work.

Matthew Smith:

Within these past two years, I believe that I have achieved a great level of understanding about the artists that I have researched and the styles that they use. Now I have discovered my own techniques and many different ways to use them. In the end I have realised that there is far more to Art than people would have originally assumed.

Beth O’Neill:

Over the last two years within Sixth Form I have studied the themes of ‘Festivals’ and ‘Self Image’. Throughout these themes I have developed different skills, using different materials and tools to create a range of pieces of art, alongside using bold and contrasting colours.

Katie Stewart:

During Sixth Form I have been able to refine my abilities and focus upon topics I am passionate about through the topics of ‘Isolation’ and ‘Everyday Objects’. I enjoy challenging myself and surprising myself with the forms my work takes and feel I have developed my methods of portraiture as well as other painting techniques.


Thomas Jeffrey:

During the two years I developed interest in stencil work and spray paint techniques, I displayed this in my work whilst working in the themes of ‘Self Image’ and ‘Domestic Interiors’, it was in these topics I interpreted my own styles and techniques.

Jenny Brachtvogel:

Throughout Sixth Form I have looked at various aspects and themes that are explored in fine art. I chose to study the themes of ‘Self Image’ and ‘Isolation’.

India Faddy:

Within my chosen themes, ‘Particular Places’ and ‘Domestic Interiors’ I have been able to explore a variety of techniques and styles these past two years, both being challenged and inspired the entire way.

Francesca Oakley:

Throughout Sixth Form I have looked at the topics ‘Self Image’ and ‘Rural Landscapes’. I have looked at a range of techniques inspired by artists and have combined these to develop my own style of work.

Natalie Bolam:

Throughout my two years at Sixth Form, I have looked at the topics of ‘Everyday Objects’ and ‘Isolation’. This has allowed me to explore a range of techniques and discover which ones work best for me. I have developed my own personal style to work in, based on artists I have researched.

Amy Rollins: