2022 Biology Olympiad

by Amber Cramman 

This year, some Year 12 Biology students took part in the British Biology Olympiad. It is an advanced problem solving competition that consists of multiple choice questions that challenge and stimulate students to expand their knowledge and talents. Questions are based around the A level syllabus but students may not necessarily be familiar with the topics and ideas. It enables students to demonstrate their knowledge and be rewarded with publicly recognised certificates and medals.

Students pictured below:

Back row (left to right): William Beattie, Aaryn McDonald Brown, Shantel Suneesh, Victoria Peleva, Emily Coates, Mishama Sony.

Front row (left to right): Abigail Charlton, Niamh Goodacre, Amber Cramman, Amy Tasker, Issie Ritchie, Annabel Holliman, Megan Crowe.