Advent Charities

by Michael Thompson (Chaplain)

Advent is always a good opportunity for prayer and giving, and 2021 is no different! Year groups have been busy thinking of others at this time of year, especially those less fortunate than ourselves.

Year 7, 11 and Sixth Form have been busy collecting food for local Food Banks so they have food in time for the Christmas season. In addition, some small groups of Year 7s have taken it upon themselves to raise money for some other charities.  Anna Thirlaway, Molly and Millie Allan wanted to thank St Oswald’s Hospice due to family connections, so have sold handmade bookmarks, raising £39 in two weeks. Olivia Wilson and Holly Moat have designed and sold handmade Christmas cards to raise money for a Neuroblastoma charity, while 7O have been selling Candy Canes to raise funds for Walking With, a North Tyneside charity supporting refugees and asylum seekers.

In Year 8, students have also been bringing in food items for the Food Bank.  For every item they collect, they gain an entry into the “Perfect Day!” competition on the last day of term. In Year 9, students have been collecting toys and gifts for children in the North East for the charity Cash4Kids. In Year 10, students have been taking on a Good Samaritan Challenge where they do kind deeds for each other and those around them in the four weeks of Advent. Some students in Year 10 have also organised a sweet raffle to raise money for the RSPCA.

Living out the values of the Gospel through our actions, not just our words, is part of our Christian identity.  Getting involved in charity work at Christmas time is a perfect way for us to demonstrate what it truly means to be a Christian in today’s world.

Below is a group of our Year 11 students with some of the food collected this year: