Aleksandra puts lockdown to good use

Some of you may remember Aleksandra Szymczak, Year 11, from a recent article about her award-winning Hydrogen poster back in December last year.

Well, Aleks has not taken lockdown as an excuse for getting lazy, and we have recently found out that she has made two excellent achievements in the past few weeks.

Firstly, Aleks is one of only 52 people ever (4 of them are Maths teachers) to complete all of Hegarty Maths to 100%.  Out of over 1.2million users, I’m sure you will agree that this is quite impressive (in fact, she could probably tell you that this puts her in the top 0.0043% of the users!)

Secondly, Aleks submitted a medical essay on highly infectious pathogens to Mentor magazine, a national publication aimed at informing and enlightening prospective medical students and university students.  This essay was so well researched and written that it has won the essay competition.

Huge congratulations to Aleks for these remarkable achievements, St Thomas More are very proud of you.