Art Exhibition 2018

This year’s Art Exhibition gave the GCSE and A Level students the opportunity to present their work at the same time.  The atmosphere on the evening was fantastic, allowing parents and teachers to see all of the hard work the students have been putting in through their lessons.  It is hoped that the GCSE students will also be inspired by seeing the A Level students and their work, as they look towards their choice of A Levels for next year.

Below are some quotes from a number of students who exhibited at the event:

Lucy Laws, Year 13

The exhibition was a showcase of all the work that we have completed this year, a collection of big pieces and the experimentation done within our sketchbooks as a conclusion to our A-level course.

Iona Scanlan, Year 13

Along with my fellow Art A-Level students, we showcased the work from both inside our sketchbooks, and the work we have completed outside, such as canvases and boards. The exhibition presented the work we have completed over the two years, including both our coursework and exam. Themes such as ‘Self Image’ were showcased for our coursework, and themes such as ‘Work’, ‘Political Events’, and ‘Weather’ for our exam were shown to parents, students and the school community as a whole. It was a fitting way to celebrate the hard work and endeavours we have engaged in over the last two years. 

Jenmarie Cuaycong, Year 13

This exhibition was a way for everyone to finally showcase their hard-work and dedication with their specific projects. Many of us chose the topic of ‘Self-Image’, thus the paintings presented exhibited each individual’s personality and style. I was able to show my mother around and I got a chance to see all of my works in one place, which made me realise the amount of artwork I had accomplished over the two years studying here. 

G’Ven Gonzales, Year 13

Jan Rey Tibayan

Amy Brown-Joyce, Year 11

The art exhibition was a chance for GCSE students and A-level students to showcase the work that we have done over the past two years, ranging from the work in our books, to the final pieces we have created at the end of each topic. For the GCSE students we have covered topic such as ‘The Canticle of the Sun’, ‘Identity’, ‘Closely Observed’ and many more. My favourite of the topics being ‘Identity’ as it allowed me to create a piece of artwork that represented myself. 

Daisy Leslie, Year 11