Business Studies

“Great things in business are never done by one person.  They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

KS3 Curriculum:

  • Business studies is introduced in KS3 to build a foundation for KS4 knowledge.
  • Year 7: Introduction to Marketing concepts
  • Year 8: Human resources in Business
  • Year 9: Entrepreneurship competing in the “Tenner challenge”

KS4 Curriculum:

Based on individual student choices and learning styles there are two courses available in Business Studies

  • OCR GCSE Business Studies
    • The great thing about this qualification is that it gives learners a more in-depth look into how business works. Additionally, this utilises analytical, evaluative and investigative skills.   This prepares students well for further study or employment. Students develop their knowledge and application in People in Business, Marketing and Enterprise and Production, Finance and External Business Environment.
  • BTEC Business Studies
    • During BTEC Business students will complete 4 units of study. They will investigate Enterprise in the Business World, Finance, Customer Service and Marketing. They will use a range of assessment methods to showcase their work including presentations, reports, podcasts and leaflets.

This is a vocationally related qualification with an element of external assessment. Assessment is through terminal examinations worth 25% and a coursework worth 75%. The majority of assessment will be based on the work produced by a student in class.

KS5 Curriculum:

Building on their knowledge from KS4 or a new interest in Business Studies students can study.

  • A Level Business Studies (AQA)
    • Students will complete the following units: What is Business, Managers Leadership and Decision making, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Human Resources. All units are studied in context to various businesses and are delivered with the theme of Business decision making.
  • BTEC Business
    • For this course students will complete 3 mandatory units in year 1. The units they will cover are: Exploring Business, Developing a Marketing Campaign and Personal & Business Finance.
    • An optional unit from the list below will also be completed:
    • Recruitment and Selection Process
    • Market Research
    • Work Experience in Business


Mrs A Merchant – Head of ICT/Business Studies Faculty

Mr J Bennetts – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mrs J Flynn – part-time

Mrs D Hallam – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs J Johnson – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mrs S Johnson – part-time

Mrs L Robb – part-time

Mr M Wilkinson

Mr R Ramsay – Teaching Assistant