Creative minds collide

By Amber Cunningham-Parker, Year 12

On Monday 27th, the Year 12 English Language students, along with one student from Year 11, visited the Literary and Philosophical Society in Newcastle to take part in a creative writing workshop. When we arrived, the majestic grand staircase hit us immediately, and the outside architecture of the building struck us as incredible.

As we sat down with the leader of the workshop, we were asked to simply write for 5 minutes. We were told to write absolutely anything that came to mind, and the only rule was that we weren’t allowed to stop. This was a brilliant exercise to get us in the right frame of mind for the activities ahead.

This was the second creative writing workshop that we’ve done, as we are working towards not only our coursework for English Language (where we can choose from a range of creative writing forms) but also towards the Lit and Phil competition, where every person who enters gets a free year’s pass to the Lit and Phil library.

Two Year 12 students attended the original meeting for the competition, where we met with the judges on the panel and were able to talk to them about what they were looking for. We even got to meet the author of Spelk- Tom Kelly! He gave us brilliant advice on writing poetry. We are all looking forward to our future creative writing adventures!