German Exchange 2017

By Ben McManus and Chloe Fisher, with comments from several of our German partners.

Ben McManus (with exchange partner Nils Gruber):

The German exchange trip is an excellent opportunity for both English and German students as it gives both sets of students the chance to learn the culture of the other country.  It was a good experience for the Germans as they could take part in English day to day life.  I didn’t think I would get on as well as I did with my partner, Nils, but we had lots in common.  They got to visit some of the best landmarks in the North East, including Hadrian’s Wall, Beamish and Alnwick Castle.  This gave them a great opportunity to not only learn about England, but to bond with their partners.  Over the weekend I showed Nils many of the attractions in and around Newcastle, this gave us more opportunity to get to know each other, and also showed Nils what society is like in England.  We were upset when they left but are looking forward to visiting them next year when we fly out to Dusseldorf for the return visit.

Chloe Fisher (with exchange partner Katharina John):

Before my German Exchange partner arrived, part of me was dreading the week ahead, because I didn’t think she would be so good at English.  Now, after she has stayed with me, I can say it was an amazing week. We went trampolining, bowling and to the beach.  I had so much fun and made many friendships not only with my partner, but with many other German partners, and I had to try hard not to be too sad when she left.  Only 365 days until I see her again!  Since my German Exchange partner spoke such fluent English, this has inspired me to learn a lot more German before I go to Germany next year.

Victoria Bakenfelder (with exchange partner Lottie Rutherford):

Mir hat der Austausch sehr gut gefallen!  Ich finde, dass alle sowohl in der Family als auch die Personen in der Schule sehr freundlich sind.  Alle haben uns sehr gastfreundlich aufgenommen.  Ich habe sehr viele Erfahrungen gesammelt und die englische Kultur ein wenig kennengelernt.

Ich habe außerdem sehr viele neue Freunde gefunden!  Ein großes Dankeschön an alle und vor allen Dingen an meine Austauschpartnerin Lottie und ihre Familie.

I really liked the exchange because everyone in my host family and also the people in the school were very friendly.  Everyone has been very welcoming.  I have had lots of new experiences and got to know a little bit about English culture.  I have also made lots of new friends.  A big thank you to everyone and, above all, to my exchange partner Lottie and her family.

Julian Gresskötter (with exchange partner Gabriel Darcy):

I think the best thing about the England exchange were the trips and the time together with my partner. It was interesting to see the everyday life of an English family. I liked the time together with the family. The sights in Newcastle and the surrounding cities were very interesting.

Nils Huber:

England, a country so unique and so strange. The last few days have opened my eyes. Now I know why I have been learning the English language for almost 8 years, because the experience of communicating with people in everyday life who speak another language is so important. Now I will go to the class with a new outlook because next year I will again have the opportunity to appreciate the ability to understand another language, a language that is so important because everyone understands, can read and speak it. This is the reason why I appreciate this exchange so much

Daniela Grabowski (with exchange partner Ellen Davey):

I have been very happy in my host family who have received me very warmly, and I am grateful for that.  The excursions were all good, I really liked all of the school excursions especially the bowling at Star Bowl.  When we were to the Beamish Museum with the class, I thought it would be boring but when we were there, it was something new. It was not like a normal museum, it was bigger and more interesting. It was like an old village. I also liked the excursions with the family very much. This was a very good exchange.