German Exchange Cancelled

Sadly this year’s return visit to Germany has had to be cancelled. Students and staff were all disappointed, and some of the Year 10 students have written how they feel about the cancellation and what they will miss:

Niamh Paolozzi: I am so sad that the German exchange had to be cancelled, I was really looking forward to meeting my partner again and spending a full week with her family! I was also excited to try new and exciting foods such as schnitzel. The thing I was most looking forward to doing was going to the chocolate factory because I love chocolate!

Jasmine Loxton: I am very disappointed the German Exchange was cancelled. I was so excited to explore Oer-Erkenschwick with my friends, learn and practise some German. I was looking forward to seeing my German Exchange partner Daya and meeting her family too. I hope we get to go another time and that everyone is keeping safe in Germany.

Daniel Swabey: Unfortunately, as the exchange was cancelled, we can’t visit our German partners right now, but in the future we can look forward to meeting again. I would have liked to have had lunch with the mayor to find out more about the local area of Oer-Erkenschwick. I was also looking forward to visiting the city of Cologne, from photographs I have seen of the cathedral and the river, it looks like a nice place.

Rachel McInnes: Ich bin sehr enttäuscht weil ich so aufgeregt war. Ich habe mich auf Kennenlernen und lernen über ihr Kultur. Auch, wollte ich Deutsch sprechen und Spaß haben. Aber, hoffe ich das ich werde bald gehen noch mehr Spaß haben.

From our German partners: To our dear friends in North Tyneside, we wish we had had a chance to show you Oer-Erkenschwick and its surroundings last month, but we did think of you and hope we’ll get a chance to see you again soon. Your friends from the WBG.