I will run 120 miles…

On Saturday 7th October 2017 (and Sunday 8th), Miss Lewis from the Science department competed in the Sandstone Way Ultra Marathon.  The Sandstone Way Ultra offers runners an opportunity to run a new 120-mile waymarked Trail. The Sandstone Way route runs from the northern end of Northumberland in Berwick to the southern border in Hexham. The Sandstone Way has been developed as a Mountain Bike trail that is designed to be ridden in three to four days or two days by the “fit and fast.” If ever there was a statement to get an ultra runner going then that is surely it.


Miss Lewis left Berwick at 8am on 7th October and arrived in Hexham at about 7pm the following day having run non-stop for 35 and a half hours.  Only 33 runners have ever completed the route and each year there are significantly more DNFs (did not finish) than finishers.  Miss Lewis was the only female to make it to the finish this year, winning the trophy for first lady, and she is only the second ever female finisher in the race history.

Congratulations to Miss Lewis on her fantastic achievement!