Le plus grand pâtissier (Bake Off)

by Luke Skeats, Holly Grieveson, Rosie Hundrup and Jude Harrison, Year 8 (now Year 9)

For our last challenge of the year, our French class was asked to combine their research skills and baking prowess to create a show-stopping bake of French origin. There was a variety of bakes such as simple bites like croque-monsieur (cheese and ham sandwich), and more difficult bakes such as homemade meringues, madeleines, bread, fruit tarts and macarons. We judged each others’ bakes according to different criteria: authenticity, taste, presentation and difficulty. We collected votes as a class on whose dishes were the best, and praised each other on our hard work. Anna Fitzpatrick and Issie Ritchie won with an exquisite selection of bread we all really enjoyed.

Holly made the very famous croque-monsieur and Rosie, Grace and Luke made macarons. Macarons are a very challenging bake with many difficulties for beginners. We also had Madeleines, which are buttery French sponge cakes and which were flavoured with lemon. Jude made crepes, which is another signature French bake. More students opted for crepes, such as Lily, who baked a huge cake made out of pancakes and topped with chocolate sauce and blueberries. There were so many tasteful bakes!

We thoroughly enjoyed this lesson and it was our favourite by far. We would also like to say a huge thank you to Madame Trabichet for organising this lesson and making it possible.