Library Webs with Mrs Oswald

by Teagan Davidson, Ella Park, Lewis Gibbs, Hannah Sunil and Daisy Stoker, Year 7

A group of pupils in Year 7 are making connections! They are making connections and identifying themes in books by famous local author, David Almond, focusing on ‘My Dad’s a Birdman’ and ‘Skellig’. Here are some of the connections they are beginning to make:

‘It was really fun to do. The bird wings connected to the father and the daughter and dad trying to fly. I noticed that their last name was Crow.’ Teagan Davidson

‘We made connections with wings, between the birds having wings and dad having wings. You could try connecting a paragraph from a story to something that happened to you.’ Ella Park

‘I picked a paragraph that I thought was important, because the Dad had wings made from lots of different bird feathers. I connected this with a paragraph that described different birds in the garden. I thought the birds had inspired Dad to make the wings.’ Lewis Gibbs

‘We made a connection between belief and faith. Dad said he believed in his wings and in another paragraph he talked about having ‘wings and faith’.’ Hannah Sunil

‘It shows that it doesn’t matter if they (Dad and Lizzie) are flying or not.  The wings are bringing them together through teamwork!’ Daisy Stoker