Merry Mathsmas!

written by Hannah Henderson, Keira Day and Nathan Buchanan, 7S

Just before Christmas, over 30 students from Year 7 were invited to take part in Merry Mathsmas. We all went down to a Textiles classroom with Mrs Coates to take part. There were some starter activities on the board. There were puzzles, games, questions and quizzes for us to have a go at whilst we were waiting for the session to start.

When the Zoom call began we were introduced to a lady called Zoey, who lead the session. There were many other schools taking part and we had activity sheets on our desk. First we all selected two numbers which were our bingo numbers. Congratulations to Abi Hewett who won bingo!

Zoey showed us some magic and we all had a go at it and figured out how it worked. We all then had a sheet with Christmas objects on them and we had to try to cut them out with only one cut. This was very difficult to do, however some of us managed to complete it.

We all enjoyed it and it was nice to do something a little different with Maths. This event was run virtually because of the current circumstances and even though this event didn’t take place face to face it was very well organised by Mrs Coates, who helped us find our way to the classroom and also with the activities. Thank you to Zoey and to Mrs Coates, everyone we have spoken to about the event says that it was a fun experience and they would like to do it again if the chance arose.