My Money Week

By Daniel Adams, Year 7

From 26th – 30th June 2017, St Thomas More held My Money Week.  This is a week where we learnt all about money, including how taxes work, how bills are calculated, and many other skills across the whole school, giving us the chance to win prizes in every lesson.

My Money Week was very enjoyable as teachers handed out ‘STM money’ to students who answered questions or did something particularly impressive during lessons.  This money was then handed in to our form tutors the next day, with students winning prizes for the most money at the end of the week.  This was very good as it gave students an added reason to raise their hand and get more involved in lessons. There were also many fun questions as a treasure hunt around the school, for example “If you earned 10p for every step you took to get to the Maths Department, how much would you earn as you walk to your next lesson?”  The money we received was not real money (obviously) but it was a nice to be rewarded in a fun way for working hard in lessons.

This week was very enjoyable, added a fun new twist to the average school week, and we’re already looking forward to this yearly treat in 2018.