“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” – Bill Gates


A number of courses are offered at Key Stage 5.

  • BTEC Information Technology
    • For this course students complete 4 units in year 1: Information Technology Systems, Creating Systems to Manage Information, Using Social Media in Business and Website Development. As students progress into year 2 they will further develop their Information Technology knowledge by completing units in Programming and Computer Games Development.
  • A Level Information Technology (To be replaced with Computing 2017)
    • Students complete 4 units. 3 externally examinations and 1 project.
    • Through the course students will develop their knowledge and understanding of the development of IT systems through practical experience in using a range of applications software in a structured way.
    • Students will also gain a wider picture of the use of IT. Students will be able to discuss and comment on issues from a position of knowledge.

They will also investigate the fast changing subject of IT, including developments in technology and IT system capabilities, and how this might affect the world that makes use of IT.


Mrs A Merchant – Head of ICT/Business Studies Faculty

Mr J Bennetts – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mrs J Flynn – Part-time

Mrs D Hallam – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs J Johnson – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mrs S Johnson – Part-time

Mrs L Robb – Part-time

Mr R Ramsay – Teaching Assistant

Mr M Wilkinson