Ski Trip 2019

by Niamh Paolozzi, Year 8

The ski trip was one of the best trips I have ever been on. My highlight of the trip was learning how to ski in just one week! I would love to go back again.  The food was also amazing as it offered so many new flavours and treats to try. My favourite food that I tried was schnitzel.

On the slopes:

We were on the slopes for four and a half hours each day and I had a lot of tumbles and falls. Good job I had my instructor to help me back up. My best fall was on a red slope and I face planted the floor! Also on the slopes I got to take in some mind blowing views.

Pizza night:

As we came back from a fab day of skiing we showered and got dressed up for a nice relaxing meal with our friends. I had a plain pizza; how boring. It was delicious!

The swim night:

The swim night was so much fun; especially the slides. I went in the hot tub and relaxed as I enjoyed a wonderful view of the old outdoor pool.

Talent show and awards night:

The talent show was so much fun and entertaining. There was dances, magic, hidden talents and even kick boxing. My group did cheer dance and we came second. We also ate lots of snacks and ice cream at the ice cream restaurant.

The awards night was fun as well. We had a bit of a boogie on the dance floor and gave out awards including: best girl, best boy, best outfits, best fall and the ski race results.