STM Cambodia trek 2017

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By Thomas Craig, Callum Stewart and Conor McKenna

This summer, 21 students from St Thomas More are travelling to Cambodia on an expedition to help two local communities in rural parts of the country.  Our 4 weeks will consist of building roads for a village, learning about the rich history of Cambodia and educating the local children about where we live.

For 3 days of our trip we’ll also be trekking around Kulen National Park, this will be an added challenge as we will be camping and having to learn camp skills.  We will also have the opportunity to visit many temples, including the world famous Ankor Wat, which will allow us to make comparisons to our own religious views of the world. Finally, in the last few days of our expedition, we’ll visit the killing fields from the time when the country was ruled by the Khmer Rouge, when over 20% of the country’s population were killed in one of the most horrific genocides in human history.  This will allow us time to reflect on our trip and our place in the world.

We have all worked very hard over the last year and a half to raise the money needed for this trip through various fundraising events, this has taught us skills of saving money over a long time period, and has helped us work together as a team, all skills that will be invaluable though university and later life. We hope this trip will be a once in a lifetime experience, and believe it will show us how fortunate we are to live in a place where we have everything we need.

You can follow our trip on Instagram while we are away by going to #stmcambodia2017, where hopefully Mr Ballard will be able to post updates when we have access to the internet.