STM feast day

by Jennifer Devine, Year 12

On the evening of Wednesday 19th June we celebrated together the life of our STM community for the Feast Day of St. Thomas More. The event draws together students from right across the student body and is a real celebration of everything we are about.  This year’s theme was “Love one another as I have loved you” inspired by the words theologian Erasmus used when he described St. Thomas More as “born and framed for friendship”.

The celebrations began with a mass given by Father Chris Hughes. Parent Julia Devine described the mass as “peaceful and touching”. Hymns were sung by the choir made up of many of our talented students, and there was a dance performed. One of our choir members, Charlotte, enjoyed taking part as she felt “part of the wider school community”, describing it as a “celebration of our achievements and talents”.

After mass, there was a BBQ, ice cream van, bouncy castle and various games!  There were also individual stalls showcasing many of the students’ achievements, such as the Tyne and Wear citizens’ mayoral assembly and the Mental Health Action Team. As a Sixth Form student, I loved showing my subject teachers some of my achievements, such as the mayoral assembly, which I co-chaired and which many of our students spoke at. Ex-student Madeline said, “it was lovely to see all of my teachers in an informal setting and have a well deserved catch-up!” 

This is our third Feast Day and it’s safe to say it has become a firm fixture in the school calendar, with around five hundred of our local community attending to show their continued support for their school!  – Jennifer Devine, Year 12