STM students exercise their democratic rights

On Tuesday 2nd October, we held our annual Student Council Elections, where every student in the school had the opportunity to exercise their democratic right to vote for their Student Council Representative.  There was a 93.7% turnout across the school, which compared to 68.7% for the last UK General Election, shows students really care about putting across their one vote.  Students in key stage 5 also had a talk from Electoral Services, who explained to them how they can register to vote in future elections, and the importance of doing so.

The winners were as follows:

Year 7: Jacob Shaftoe & Erin Cockburn

Year 8: Alfie Littlewood & Isabella Goodwin

Year 9: Anna Fuller & Alisina Hassani

Year 10: Ailish Bland & Cameron Hales-Owen

Year 11: Cameron Nesbitt & Ellie Ozturk

Year 12: Kenny Wight & Mollie Wilson

Year 13: Niamh Hughes & Michael Wallace

Congratulations to all our winners, and good luck in your new roles as Student Council Representatives. 

Special thanks to Mrs Hagan for organising the day and to the ambassadors, who supported her in making the day run smoothly.