Tyne & Wear Citizens

by Livia Gregor, Year 10

Citizens UK is an organisation that brings communities together to fight for power, social justice and the common good.  This is a campaign which St Thomas More is proud to be part of.  On Tuesday 7th November, Tyne and Wear Citizens had their official launch assembly at the Tyne Theatre and Opera House in the city centre.

Three main issues were discussed during the assembly:

  • Poverty (with a particular focus on free school meals)
  • Keeping Safe (with a focus on hate crime on public transport)
  • Mental Health

Many local faith groups, businesses and political leaders attended the event along with around one thousand members of our community.  The event also provided the opportunity for people to share their experiences or ideas on stage, including one our own students, Jack Morgan in Year 11, who spoke on behalf of his friends about their experience of mental health facilities in our area.

Overall the event was very successful, with local leaders pledging to make changes to our community.

(The BBC footage of this event has now expired)