University Explained talk from Cambridge University students

Dominic Lawrie and Thomas Seagrave-Hindmarch, Year 10

On Tuesday 4th April a number of pupils from Year 10 met with some students from Cambridge University.  They were sharing with us how important university is and how it can help you in your life.  They gave us lots of information including the benefits of university and some details about finance.  After a whole-class presentation where they shared their experiences of university, we were then split into smaller groups where we got a chance to ask more personalised questions one on one.  We really enjoyed the session and found it very useful, particularly the information about finance.  The cost of university can be something that puts people off going to university, but one of the students there had been concerned about the same issue and she explained how it was possible for most people to go.

Thanks to Miss Dalrymple for the banner photo from her trip to Cambridge with sixth form last summer.