Update from our Young Mayor

by Suzie McKenzie, Year 10, Young Mayor for North Tyneside

Hi all. My name is Suzie Mckenzie and I have been elected North Tyneside’s Young Mayor for 2020! Since I have and I will miss a lot of the opportunities associated with the position I am trying not to waste any time in working on my pledge. Most of it relied on schools being active, doing things within them and working closely with young people to achieve what is needed of me but obviously that has been put on hold for now. Thank you to all who voted me into this position, I will do my best to do everything I hoped to achieve in terms of my pledge – even in these uncertain times – and I’m looking forward to the year ahead.

This position is already keeping me busy and, with the help of the Participation team and the Member of Youth Parliament, Abi Tang, we have designed a website with blog posts from youth councillors and young people – which I suggest you have a look at! They may give you some reassurance that you are not the only one struggling with quarantine – I know I do at times! (https://ntparticipation.wordpress.com)

I have attended my first adult cabinet meeting too. It was virtual and it went well. They are live streamed on YouTube too so people are informed. Our first virtual youth council meeting also went ahead and for most people’s first virtual meeting, it went better than we had hoped! Everyone enjoyed seeing their friends and some requested we added social time to the agenda so they can catch up with friends that they couldn’t normally stay in contact with. I’m looking forward to their help in the future and can’t wait for our next meeting!

Speaking of virtual meetings, I have been lucky enough to have been invited to lots of meetings with adults and organisations to be the voice of young people and to have a say on their behalf. For example, I have recently had a virtual meeting with Northumbria police about Young People in lockdown and many different organisations took part like people from Youth services, from Acorns, from Mind and even the county commissioner for Scouts. This was a really informative session and I found it quite interesting.

I am still very active on my Young Mayor Twitter account (@NTCYoungMayor) where I regularly post things on mental health and how to look after it during this pandemic. Please feel free to take a look at that if you need any support!

You’re doing amazing! Stay safe!

Suzie McKenzie

Young Mayor of North Tyneside