Update on the return of the Paris trip

Update at 1056 Monday: We are on the 1100 train, arriving into Newcastle at 1350. Any issues with collecting students, please contact Miss Trabichet via the emergency contact details you have been given.

Update at 1020: we will probably be getting the 1100 train, arriving 1350 into Newcastle. Confirmation of that within the next half hour.

Final update of the night: staying in a hotel, will get train in the morning. Arriving Newcastle between 1340 and 1350 tomorrow (Monday)

Update 3 at 2155 (2055 UK): We may yet get to Newcastle via coach, or we may stay in a hotel in London – we are at the mercy of Eurostar. We will keep you posted.

Update 2 at 2045 (1945 UK time): We have been split into 2 groups and heading to London, but will miss our connection to Newcastle so will be staying in London until tomorrow. Further details when we know.