Year 10 Cambridge University trip

by Jake Fitzpatrick, Year 10

From the 2nd to the 3rd of July, five Year 10 students were given the amazing experience of visiting Jesus College, Cambridge. We travelled to Cambridge by coach early on Monday, and when we arrived the weather was wonderful. We spent the day touring the college and taking part in interesting talks and lectures that gave us an important insight into University life, as well sessions on some subjects that we are interested in. We stayed overnight in real student accommodation, and ate in the dining hall where undergraduates eat. The college has really beautiful buildings, and the gardens were very pretty.

I found it really helpful and reassuring to learn about education after High School, especially from such a respected University. On the second day, we took a tour of Cambridge, and found out about all of the other colleges and more about how we could work towards getting into Cambridge. The University has lots to offer, with different colleges accommodating all types of subjects and topics. I loved this trip a lot, and thought it was riveting and extremely beneficial. We had a lot of fun, and will never forget this experience!