Year 7 Alnwick Castle

By Niamh Brown, Year 7

The first thing we did on our trip to Alnwick Castle was a workshop about how to arm a knight. This included dressing up Charlie as a knight, wearing a sheep wool jacked, and a chainmail helmet. After discussing how we could be protected from a sword or an arrow, we were split into two teams, Scotland and England. We were to have a great battle, the battle of Bannockburn.

Armed with foam swords and plastic balls, Scotland managed to fight their way into the Bailey, all while learning about defensive techniques used by the English (including the terrifying murder hole). The English soldiers then took us to the dungeons, where we Scottish soldiers would be locked up, most likely in a slightly nicer room than the oubliette we viewed (a dungeon only accessed by a trapdoor in the floor).

After lunch, we learnt how to fly a broomstick, rising to waist height. Professor Crash-a-lot made us take our final exam after learning the most basic skills of broomstick riding. When a draw was declared, we had no choice but to bring in the reinforcements, Mrs Mole and Mrs Conway. Mrs Mole ‘apparently’ let Mrs Conway win, but we know this is not true!

Our final task of the day was the dragon’s quest!  After courageous and brave words from Sir Harry Hotspur, confusing turns in the mirror maze, and finally meeting the dragon itself, we were reunited with our other slightly shaken classmates and we left with a spring in our step.

Written by Niamh Brown, with help from Jaimie Hinchcliffe-Hume, Sophie Newton, Tasiyah Chowdhury, Suzie Mckenzie and Loise Bennett.