Year 7 Transition Work

Transition to St Thomas More has been a little different to normal for our new Year 7 students this year, with work being sent out for each of the subjects rather than a day in school with taster lessons. We were so impressed by the quality of the work submitted that we wanted to show some of it off.

Thank you to all Year 7 students who submitted work, and well done if yours appears on this page (see key below):

Thank you to the following Year 7s for their input to this page:

1) Cyrus Matongo’s Geography postcard 2) Aidan Lewis-Dale’s Bird feeder 3) Najat Hashem Agha Geography Dubai factfile 4) Charlie Goodlet’s Art 5) Alice Hodgson’s Bottle lamp 6) Dan Spence’s RE t-shirt 7) Amy Nichols’ Fibonacci patterns 8) Ava Rosser’s RE card tower 9) Danielle Basilan’s Upcycled plant pot 10) Daisy Stocker’s History Lilian Bland factfile 11) Molly Middleton’s Upcycled pen pot 12) Daisy Stocker’s Rock buns 13) Diya Regi’s Upcycled pen pot 14) Anna-Rose Hope’s Picnic mood board 15) Ellie Graham’s Upcycled elephants 16) Danielle House’s English book cover 17) Rochelle Orteza’s 2020 timeline 18) Roisin Sharp’s Llamas 19) Ashton Dodds’ Picnic 20) Eleanor Simpson’s Upcycled plant pot 21) Ansel Anil’s Picnic 22) Faith Ubah’s All about me 23) Jack McVeigh’s Upcycled bag dispenser 24) Dylan Evans’ Musical Top ten 25) Cyrus Matongo’s Science experiment 26) Sam Nugent’s English book cover 27) Dylan Jordan’s History timeline 28) Eve Carroll’s Faces 29) Aaron Humble’s Textiles t-shirt 30) Elena Hales-Owen’s History timeline 31) Isabella Stewart-Hernandez’s Science frog 32) Olivia Cunningham’s Belgium fact file 33) Yvie Callender’s Art 34) Lewis Gibbs’ History timeline 35) Olivia Richardson’s History timeline 36) Ivy Smallridge’s Geography Rothbury postcard 37) Yvie Callender’s English book cover 38) Omar Almasri’s Morocco fact file