Year 8 Ski Trip 2018

by Josie Anderson, Year 8

This Easter holiday some lucky Year 8 students and sixth formers were given the chance to go skiing in picturesque Austria. It all started at 1am on Friday morning. The journey was long and tiring, but worth it!

Living the Highlife

It didn’t take most people long to find their ski legs. After about two days, most people were up on the mountain, but still learning and of course sometimes falling. I witnessed some spectacular falls; first from Holly who managed to fall off the side of the slope luckily plunging into deep snow so didn’t hurt herself, but she managed to lose both her skis in the process. Then it was Anna’s turn; she managed to fall over whilst standing still and took the rest of her group with her like skittles.

There was fun off the slopes as well. This included an ice-cream night, swimming and practical jokes by the teachers. At midnight on Sunday night one of my room mates screamed “Josie wake up wake up, I HAVE JUST SEEN A RAT!” After lots of girly screaming, Mr. Knowles came to investigate, insisting there was no sign of a rodent. That night there were more screams from the shower. This time there really was a rat, but this time it was a fake one that had been planted by Mr. Knowles and Mrs. Collins.

I have brought back so many memories from the skiing trip. I have made new friends, learnt new skills and came home in one piece. We managed to come away with only one skiing injury, unfortunately after less than half a day skiing, Mrs. Collins broke her leg by tripping over!