Year 8 visit Safety Works

by Alisina Hassani, Year 8

When we arrived at the Safety Works building, we were welcomed by the staff, as well as the workers (police officer, fire fighters, etc) who supported us through the day. Once we settled in, we were divided into groups doing different activities, each assigned to a worker. In my group, we were sent to the fire fighter first. In this activity, we were investigating an accident involving a pedestrian, cyclist and driver. They were all injured, but no one knew why, therefore we had to figure out what happened.

After our crash investigation, we went to the police officer, where we learnt about certain drugs and how they can cause lifelong effects. We saw many drugs, and discussed how we were so vulnerable to them.

Later on, we did a fire safety activity. We were shown how idiotic decisions, or getting peer pressured, can affect more lives then you think. After this, we continued through many other educational activities.

Overall, this trip was interesting and very important for making us safer in the future. I think it is truly important for young people to be aware of the dangers they will encounter in the future.