Year 9 Holy Island 2019

by Victoria Peleva

Over the weekend of 12th to 14th July, forty nine Year 9 students and some Sixth Form helpers enjoyed an amazing weekend on Holy Island.  We started off the weekend of activities with a boat trip, where we experienced the incredible marine life including the puffins and seals around the Farne Islands.  When we arrived on the island, we were immediately greeted by the gorgeous scenery and warm weather as we went on a short hike to an especially rock coastline, so we took the chance to build huge towers out of stones.  Later on in the day, we visited St Cuthbert’s Beach, where we sang silly songs and laughed with our peers, as well as our teachers, and scouted for special St Cuthbert’s beads along the shore. 

We started off Saturday with a trip to the tallest sand dune on Holy Island, Devil’s Drop, where we enjoyed racing each other and the teachers up the vast sand dune.  However, before we left we had to iron the sand dune by dragging our friends down it to smooth it out, which we all found hilarious.  Later in the day we were treated to a disco, which gave us an opportunity to chat with friends, dance and listen to music, as well as participate in a few party games.  Before calling it a night, some Sixth Formers and 2 talented students from Year 9 gave us a spectacular performance by singing some songs to conclude the day.

On Sunday morning, we took a relaxing walk along the coastline, which led us to Dunstanburgh Castle and through the village of Craster, from where we left on our way back to school.

The trip overall was an amazing opportunity to meet new people, have fun and relax from the stress of the school year.  On behalf of everyone that went, it was the best weekend of our lives!