Year 13 student makes his own bike… wood you believe it?

By James Stephenson, Year 13.

For my A2 Resistant Materials project I decided to attempt to make a bike made out of wood. As you can see this was a great success! I had to design the entirety of it from the ground up. Numerous ideas came and went until the final idea that you see in the photo was decided upon, a bike made out of plywood.

The suspension I have used was reclaimed from an old motorbike to add a sense of personality and character to my piece. The layers of plywood is a result of the careful hand-shaping that I performed to make it look and feel unique. It is fully functional meaning that yes, I can ride it just like a normal bike (albeit carefully!)

All in all my project took around 6 months to complete, starting in September and finishing in March. My project has already been marked and the high grade was only possible due to the amount of hard work and time that I invested to make my project a reality.  I couldn’t be happier with the result.​​