Year 6 into Year 7



Welcome to St Thomas More Catholic High School

We are an 11-18 mixed, converter academy, serving the Catholic population within the Tynemouth Priory partnership, pulling in students from the seven Catholic primary schools within the partnership.

The Governors took up the opportunity to convert to Academy status in December 2011.

The wide catchment area provides us with a well-balanced, genuinely comprehensive intake, which we believe to be one of our many strengths. The school has capacity for 1700 students which includes up to 350 in the Sixth Form.

Governors admit up to 270 students in Year 7 each year, and the “staying-on” rate into our Sixth Form is consistently around 65%. The Sixth Form also admits a number of students from other schools each year.

Mission Statement

St Thomas More Catholic High School is a Catholic school and as such we strive to follow the example of Jesus Christ in our work, worship and relationships.

Our Aims Are:

– To be a prayerful community based on Christian values, notably Love, Justice, Peace, Truth and Tolerance, and to encourage individuals in their commitment to these ideals.

– To provide a secure, welcoming and ordered environment in which individuals learn to value and respect both themselves and others.

– To give individuals the opportunities to develop their full potential as human beings, and to encourage and challenge them to do so.

– to encourage everyone to strive to do their best and to strive for the highest standards in all areas of activity.

– to help students to grow into confident, open, resourceful young people with a sense of responsibility and service.