Results (Profile & Performance)


We are an 11-18 mixed, converter academy, serving the Catholic population within St. Oswin’s deanery. There are also seven Catholic primary schools within the deanery.

The Governors took up the opportunity to convert to Academy status in December 2011.

The wide catchment area provides us with a well-balanced, genuinely comprehensive intake, which we believe to be one of our many strengths. The school has capacity for 1700 students which includes up to 350 in the Sixth Form.

Governors admit up to 270 students in Year 7 each year, and the “staying-on” rate into our Sixth Form is consistently around 65%. The Sixth Form also admits a number of students from other schools each year.

St Thomas More is one of the most successful schools in North Tyneside. NT Results 2018



Progress 8 Score

The school’s Progress 8 score is -0.05 (This means that students at St Thomas More achieve the results that they should do. )



Pupil destinations

This measures the number of pupils who either stayed in education or went into employment after Year 11. The data published in October 2016 is for pupils who finished Year 11 in 2014.

   School  North Tyneside  England all schools
Pupils staying in education or starting employment 96% 92% 94%


Each school has information about their performance published on the Department for Education’s website. This allows parents to view their performance, characteristics, workforce, finance and Ofsted inspection outcomes.

Find the link to the Department for Education School Performance tables below:

DfE School Performance Tables