Year 11 Science Mock Exam Revision 2020


“Science is a way of thinking, much more than it is a body of knowledge.” – Carl Sagan

KS3 Curriculum:

Science is taught on a topic by topic basis through an internally developed programme of study supported by Activate on-line learning through Oxford press. This course is continually developed to include the latest developments in education theory and aims to give all of our students a varied, interesting and challenging foundation in all three sciences. The lessons involve theory, experimental and computer work and are aimed at allowing all students to participate fully.

As part of our Key Stage Three Course, we also teach skills based learning lessons. These have been developed to accelerate the students’ thinking skills in both scientific and non-scientific areas. These are available at different times in the course according to the class’s ability. The new National Curriculum sets out to better prepare students for the more rigorous GCSE and A-level courses of the future.

In Year 7, all the students are taught in mixed ability groups three lessons a week. The class is usually taught by one teacher throughout the year and the students are assessed at the end of each Unit of work. We also have two extra classes which aim to accelerate the science learning of those students who under-performed compared to the national average at key stage 2, or who require extra scientific literacy and numeracy guidance to access the curriculum. Year 7 follow the Activate one curriculum which has been tailored further to prepare students for the demands of the new GCSE specification.

In Year 8, the classes are taught in mixed ability groups three lessons a week. This allows the students to work at a level of challenge appropriate to the individual concerned. Science groupings are regularly assessed to check they meet the demands of the pupils and movements between classes to enable an appropriate learning environment for each student are made when necessary. Again, they are usually taught by one teacher. Year 8 follow the Activate two curriculum which has been tailored further to prepare students for the demands of the new GCSE specification.

In Year 9, All students will begin study for the new 9-1 GCSE. Students will be broadly banded into those more likely to sit the separate science exams and those more likely to sit the combined science exams. All pupils will follow the same curriculum content during year 9. Pupils will be regularly assessed and there will be an emphasis on learning additional numerical and science specific skills relevant to the new curriculum. Pupils will receive 3 hours of teaching a week usually from one member of staff.

Science at Key Stage 4

There are two different KS4 Science courses offered by the Science department. Combined science GCSE (2 GCSEs taught over 5 hours a week) and Separate Science GCSE (3 GCSEs taught over 6 hours a week).

Students are guided onto the appropriate course after results of tests completed throughout KS3 and year 9 have been analysed by Science staff. Students will also sit a mock GCSE Topic exam in the summer term of Year 9 and the results of this will give further indication of the most suitable course. Selection will be carried out in consultation with the Head of Year and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Attitude to the subject is also taken into consideration. This process is carried out rigorously to ensure students follow the most appropriate course for them, ensuring a better chance of success.


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Mr S Oakey – Head of Science / Timetable

Mr T Ballard – Assistant Head of Year KS4

Mr R Boucher – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mr I Coulson – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Miss J Dalrymple – Assistant Curriculum Leader (acting)

Mrs K Dixon – Assistant Headteacher

Miss E Edwards

Mrs K Gammack – Director of Teaching and Learning

Mr N Hitchcock – Specialist Leader of Education T & L (p/t)

Mrs K Jardine

Mr J Johnson

Mrs G Hinton-Lewis

Mrs J O’Neill – part-time

Dr P Paradis

Miss A Pocklington

Mr M Thompson

Dr P Webster – part time

Mrs J Woodman – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Miss L Craigen – Teaching Assistant

Mr S Keys – Technician

Mrs J Blackburn –  Technician

Mrs H Richardson –  Technician

Mrs S Fidler –  Technician