At St. Thomas More we are passionate about reading and literacy. We use a combination of the strategies below and personalised support to develop a love of reading.  

The poster below demonstrates how we use reading to learn.

Reading Hand

Here is an enlarged version of our reading hand that students we use at school-but can also be used at home to develop reading

Accelerated Reader

We use this programme to motivate, monitor, and manage students’ independent reading practice and watch as students develop a true love for reading.

Access the programme here

An overview of the programme can be found here

Lexia Programme 

The Lexia Programme enables students to develop literacy with confidence. Through innovative, effective, and proven literacy solutions, we give students and teachers confidence in their own abilities, as well as in ours. Our solutions are built upon the science of reading and structured literacy, delivering the systematic and explicit instruction learners need to truly comprehend, retain, and apply literacy foundations. Our technology strengthens the relationship between teachers and students, helping them build connections that lead to trust, understanding, and true learning. It blends artificial intelligence with human intelligence to enhance, support, and inform literacy teachers without ever replacing them.

Use the Lexia programme here.

KS3 Book Lists

Recommended Reads Y6 and Y7