Important points about Uniform and Appearance

  1. The jumper and tie are available only from school.
  2. The school skirt should be of a respectable length (no more than 2 inches above the knee).
  3. The colour for trousers is mid-grey. Girl’s trousers, if worn rather than the school skirt, must be mid-grey (charcoal) rather than light grey and must be traditional tailored trousers and not ‘skinny-fit’ or ‘jegging like’ (stretchy) material.
  4. Shoes should be plain black traditional school shoes (not trainers, boots or sportswear).
  5. The blazer, skirt and PE uniform are available at Emblematic, Unit 26, North Tyne Industrial Estate, Benton, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE12 9SZ or online from Emblematic
  6. If students choose to wear an outer garment on top of their blazer in colder or wet weather It should be noted that denim, leather, hooded tops, leisurewear and sportswear e.g. tracksuit tops should not be worn.
  7. We expect students to avoid extremes of fashion in uniform and appearance, particularly with regard to hairstyle. For example coloured hair and extremely short cut or shaven heads (including lines shaved in) are not acceptable (guidance: hair cut with clippers on a setting lower than a 2 is not acceptable); large or brightly coloured hair bands and other hair adornments should not be worn.Students should not wear make-up in Years 7 – 9 but students in Years 10 – 11 are allowed to wear discreet make-up. No jewellery is allowed, except for a watch and one pair of ear studs only and students should not have facial piercings. False nails or nail varnish should not be worn by any student.The examples above are not an exhaustive list and the school may give clarity regarding other aspects of uniform and appearance as becomes necessary.
  8. Students are responsible for their own personal property in school. Occasionally items do go missing, this is often due to forgetfulness or carelessness. Problems will be kept to a minimum if:
    – clothing and other items are marked with the owner’s name- valuable items or equipment are not brought to school
    – students only bring to school amounts of money needed for the day.
  9. Blazers should be worn coming to school and going home from school

Unfortunately we are not able to accept liability for items of personal property in school.


Clarity regarding school shoes

Although not an exhaustive list, the examples below should provide clarity as to footwear that is unacceptable as a school shoe and so must not be worn.

  • Shoes must be plain black with no coloured or contrasting trim, logos, flashes or branding
  • No trainers, pumps, plimsolls or trainer-type shoes (including skate shoes such as Vans).
  • Trainers will only be allowed for PE or sporting events.
  • Boots are not allowed, only shoes below the ankle.
  • Be careful as many sports shops market ‘school shoes’ which are actually trainers.
  • Girls’ shoes must be flat with no platform or heel.
  • If you are in any doubt re the suitability of a pair of shoes, contact the school for guidance before purchasing.


PE Uniform