Business talk from Esh group

by Finlay Roberts and Jacob Maxwell, Year 12

This morning we were lucky enough to have Kate Marshall, a Community Coordinator from the ESH Group, come in to talk to us about a lot of what happens behind the scenes in recruitment stages, this was particularly useful as it helped us with our BTEC Business course.  It will also be great for knowing how we should prepare ourselves for an interview and how to construct the ideal application.  Kate showed us that there are many things we should consider when applying for a job or reviewing applications, for example a person’s online reputation or someone’s work history. We believe this gave us a great insight and we are thankful for this experience.   

by Gloria Metanmo and Ariella Wilkinson, Year 13

Kate from the Esh group discussed recruitment and selection in their business. She also talked about her personal pathway and how she came into the role she currently does.  As a Year 13 BTEC Business student I found this workshop extremely helpful in order to help me complete my Unit 8 assignment. Kate discussed with us the factors which were involved within the Esh recruitment and selection process, which can be applied to all businesses.  These consisted of rules and regulations which must be applied along with ways to enhance chances of getting employed. She also spoke about the clients Esh group work with.