Holocaust Memorial Evening

by Hannah Baldwin, Year 12

As a memorial of the horrors of the Holocaust, students, parents, teachers, governors and local councillors gathered to remember those who suffered because of the evils of the Nazi regime. We were honoured to hear the touching story of Eva Clarke, who was born in Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria, and her family. Eva captivated the attention and the hearts of every person in the audience as a reminder of the heart-breaking hardships that so many were forced to endure during the Second World War. She brought humanity to the facts that many students learn and added another dimension to the stories of Jewish people, giving both students and adults an unimaginable insight into life at the time. Eva’s story was followed by a student liturgy, in which students had created prayers as a homage to those who suffered; each person brought their own personal touch to the memorial and the lighting of candles reminded us of so many who lost their lives. The evening served as an intimate way to both learn and remember.

Eva Clarke pictured with (left to right) Emily-Louise Cain, Mairona McGarvie, Fay Staker and Wiktoria Barecka.