A Level Berlin trip

By Sam Smith, Eimer Simpson, Katie Salmon and Sara Lowden, Year 12

At the end of June four A-level German students spent five nights in Berlin. We tried to experience the whole of Berlin in our short stay and we were not disappointed!

On day one we went on a guided tour of the Reichstag, had a walking tour of the city (in the rain) and went on a boat ride. Finishing off our first night, we went to the East Side Gallery.

Day two, consisted of a tour round the former Stasi Prison, followed by a delicious ‘currywurst’ and then finally we visited the Berlin Wall Memorial.

On our third day, we visited the DDR museum which gave us an insight into life in East Berlin, followed by a VIP tour of the Olympic Stadium.

On our final day, we learnt about the Nazi regime and about the building of the Berlin Wall in the Topography of Terror followed by an afternoon shopping.

Our trip to Berlin was so rewarding, it gave us an opportunity to practice our German and learn about the history of Germany, but also it was a fantastic insight into German culture. We would love to go back and recommend the trip to everyone.