“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… the man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin


At Key Stage 5, three separate courses are offered: English Language, English Literature, and combined English Language and Literature. We follow the AQA specifications for all three (Literature follow Spec A). All three courses develop students’ ability to work independently whilst studying a range of topics. They have 5 hours per week in both Years 12 and 13. They are very popular subjects within the sixth form and students regularly achieve over 50% A/B grades.


Mrs L Warland – Curriculum Leader

Ms H Bell – part time

Mr M Billany – Assistant SENCO

Mrs J Clughen – part time

Mr R Cooper 

Mrs J Darley – part time

Mrs H Denham – SENCO

Mrs C Feeney – part time

Mrs G Forshaw – Maternity cover

Mrs R Gordon

Miss C Harland –  Whole-school literacy co-ordinator

Mrs J Johnstone – part time

Mrs L Johnson – Assistant Head of Year KS5

Ms R Kilkenny – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs C McHugh – Acting Assistant Curriculum Leader (p/t)

Ms S Patel

Mrs H Robinson – Assistant Curriculum Leader (part-time)

Miss J Ronan 

Mr A Thain

Ms C Todd – Assistant Curriculum Leader KS4

Mrs L Heron – Classroom Assistant