“Science is a way of thinking, much more than it is a body of knowledge.” – Carl Sagan



STM Science Resources





Mr S Oakey – Head of Science / Timetable

Mr T Ballard – Assistant Head of Year KS4

Mr R Boucher – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mr I Coulson – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Miss J Dalrymple – Assistant Curriculum Leader (acting)

Mrs K Dixon – Assistant Headteacher

Miss E Edwards

Mrs K Gammack – Director of Teaching and Learning

Mr N Hitchcock – Specialist Leader of Education T & L (p/t)

Mrs K Jardine

Mr J Johnson

Mrs G Hinton-Lewis

Mrs J O’Neill – part-time

Dr P Paradis

Miss A Pocklington

Mr M Thompson

Dr P Webster – part time

Mrs J Woodman – Assistant Curriculum Leader

Miss L Craigen – Teaching Assistant

Mr S Keys – Technician

Mrs J Blackburn –  Technician

Mrs H Richardson –  Technician

Mrs S Fidler –  Technician