EuroVision Wild Animals

By Abbie Herron, Year 9

On Wednesday 10th May, there was a Eurovision Song Contest held at Carmel College in Darlington where seven Year 9 students participated with an original German song “Wilde Tiere” meaning “Wild Animals”.

The EuroVision song contest involves various different schools performing an original song in either French, Spanish or German to the backing track of a well known song.

The Diocesan EuroVision song contest is usually at Christmas time, so the theme is always Christmas, but the event had to be postponed to May so we had to come up with our own theme.  We chose “Wild Animals”.

There were several other schools involved including St John’s Catholic School, St. Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy and of course pupils from Carmel College. All of the performances were amazing and really creative! As well as performing a song, there were also various activities on the day including a Musical Themed Quiz, A ‘Team Chant’ and even a Dance Off to the Spanish version of one of Shakira’s songs (which we also had to lip sync!).

Although our school didn’t come in first place, it was a really enjoyable day and it was an amazing opportunity to take part in! I would really recommend this event to anyone and encourage pupils to join in for the next EuroVision Song Contest – it really is an unforgettable experience!