CDT rises like a phoenix from the ashes

Back in July 2018 a devastating accidental fire struck the CDT department at St Thomas More, leaving them in need of a whole new workshop. The remodel had to meet the restrictions of the insurance claim, but still had to provide a place of inspiration and education for students and teachers for years to come. It wasn’t long before the department was back up and running and ready to inspire generations of makers. An array of newly installed machinery and a brand new extraction system line the walls throughout the whole workshop. Mr Dickinson talks about the impacts that this has had on staff and students in the department.

“The workshops now are amazing. They look modern, the new layouts that have been created are more considered and work better for all concerned”.

The new workshop has provided the students with the ability to continue their passions and ensure that they are working in a safe, fully equipped workshop to aid their growth and develop their education.

“The new workshops health and safety is a lot more apparent. It has everything a student needs from KS3 to KS5 to do well in Design Technology.” – Adam Johnson, Year 12

“I think the new workshop is very appealing to all students from Year 7 to Year 13. It has everything DT students need to succeed and achieve their goals when pursuing any form of career in the DT industry.” – Nicholas Hayes, Year 12

“I think the new workshop is a great place to work; the new equipment makes things a lot more enjoyable and easier for everyone.” – Alex Moderate, Year 12

“I prefer working in this new workshop as it is brighter and it feels more spacious. The wide variety of equipment that we have access to means that this one of the best design and technology facilities for education in the area.” – Ben Rutherford, Year 12