STM Mission ‘Unbroken’

We are now coming towards the end of our School Mission, which this year has run on the theme of ‘Unbroken’.  We have been reflecting on the message that there is nothing we can do that can separate us from the love of God – this love is ‘Unbroken’! 

Stand by for more information and photographs about all the fantastic work that has been done this week, but here are a few tasters.

Over the past couple of weeks, Year 11 Music students have been working with Mr Caffrey to write and record a completely original song around the theme of ‘Unbroken’.  Students have worked really hard on this and have produced a fantastic piece, which you can listen to here:


Lyrics for Unbroken song

On Wednesday, Shyler Little from Year 12 interviewed 4 members of the Youth Ministry Team about the theme, exploring what it meant to them and what they hoped students would take from this week:

Mission song – Year 11

As part of our Catholic commitment to social justice, we ran a campaign asking for donations of unwanted coats. Our calls were listened to by many students and parents and we collected over 300 coats which have been distributed to local charities including the People’s Kitchen, Changing Lives and the Diocesan Justice & Peace Refugee Project. Around 100 students gathered on the school yard to stand hand in hand with the coats to create an ‘Unbroken’ chain which represented not just God’s steadfast love, but the solidarity we feel as young Christians and young people with those who are refugees, homeless or in need of support.

Below are a few of the best photographs from the last few days: