Summer Festival at the Youth Village

by James Sharp, Year 9

On Wednesday 27th of June, ten St Thomas More students were on our way to the Emmaus Youth Village in Consett, accompanied by Miss Fairlamb and Michael the Chaplain. We left the school at 1:00pm and got on the mini bus. We were all very excited for what was to come. We arrived at about mid-afternoon, the sun was shining and the place had a very positive attitude. When we finally got to our site, we started to unpack and put up our tents. Later that evening everyone was called to the Big tent where we all sang and danced to the lively music. Later that day it came the time for us to have some food. We finally got to sleep after a very fun and exciting day.

The next morning, we woke up and went to breakfast, the hot weather making it feel like we were in Spain. We went back to the big tent and had a enjoyable time with the other schools. Afterwards we had a mass and the bishop came to visit the camp. When the mass finished you could either go and watch the football or go to the fun fair. Most of the students from our school chose the fair which was so entertaining.

The next day was the last day, so we packed our stuff away and put them together till the day ended. Scarlett Moffat came and talked about her faith and answered questions that we asked her.  Subsequently we all danced and raved because a rapper came. Then it was time to leave after a spectacular break from school.

Thanks to the YMT team for the photos: