Year 8 Youth Village Retreat 2019

by Jess Sharp and Julia Graf, Year 8

We arrived at the Youth Village to a warm welcome from the YMT Team. We got given key cards for our rooms, the girls were in a 2 floor building and the boys were in 2 separate buildings. We got put in groups to play games and activities which earned your group points. After we played a game called “Heads Down”, and then we enjoyed our tea.

For our tea there was a choice of gammon with potatoes, chicken pasta bake or macaroni cheese and for our desert there was cake!

After tea we went to our rooms to look around for 30 minutes and test out our key cards. Once we tested the key cards, we went back to the main room to have some social time. At social time we listened to some calming music and talked about Peter the Apostle. When that finished, we went to our rooms to go to sleep.

The next morning, we woke up at 7:30am and stripped our beds and went down to get breakfast at 8:30am. For breakfast we had an option of toast or cereal.

Once breakfast was finished we went off in our groups to learn a song and dance for the game called “The Voice”. To play The Voice, we got 4 teachers/members of staff to dress up as judges. For each judge that turned around we earned 5,000 points for our team. When the game finished, we counted the points up for each group and saw which one won.

After The Voice, we watched a Netflix original called “The Miracle Season”, then had lunch which was baguettes, jacket potatoes and sausage rolls. Once we had lunch, we went to the main room and celebrated with a liturgy.

The whole idea of the Youth Village was to show us lots of unique ways to communicate to God. Most people think praying is the only way to talk to God but when you go to the Youth Village you are proven wrong! 

We then said goodbye to the lovely leaders and went home.